Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Monster High DS Game Review

First I would like to say Happy Halloween Goblins and Ghouls! Since its Halloween I thought I would do a Halloween themed review. I got the game 10/27/11 at ToysRUS at night and finished it at 4 am. I was very hooked to the game. This game works for both DS and DSi game systems. You get to choose of what monster you want to be. You can be a Zombie, Mummy, Vampire (That is the one I picked), Werewolf, Gorgon, and Mash Up. Mash up is a combination of all the monsters in one character. If you have a DSi you can take a picture of yourself and Ghouli-fy yourself. And the game is self saving.

First I will tell you what I liked about the game then I will tell you what I didn’t like.

Likes: One of the things I like about this game is that it keeps you entertained and keeps you busy. The game gives you a lot to do. You have to help your new Monster High friends get what they need done so they can go to the Scream Dance. Besides doing that you have to go to class and pass to be able to go to the dance. Most of the characters you see in the game are from the Monster High webisodes the official website and YouTube shows. All the characters voices are also from the show. So there is no surprise of character voices changes that sometimes does happen with games that are based off a show, examples, Naruto and Bleach.

Dislikes: The graphics are awful. It looks somewhat blurred and it’s hard to make out the facial expressions when you are picking out a face for the characters. In the commercials the graphics looks awesome (Guessing that is the Wii version that was shown). So I am not sure it’s just the DS version that looks this way or if it would have looked better on the DSi. Another thing is that there aren’t many outfits that you can pick for your character. I will show you in the pictures below this review. There are two outfits that you can wear thought the game besides the dress you will wear at the end of the game to the dance. And there weren’t many hair choices for my vampire character, which I think that stinks. And the phrases that the characters from the show used in the game are very limited and can get annoying. A thing that I found in the game to be disappointing is when you do the cooking class it’s nothing like cooking Mama where you chop food and adjust the oven temperature and stuff like that. All you do is drag the ingredients to the cauldron and slide your styles to where the arrows are pointing and stir. I think that was kind of a lazy thing to do.  In the commercial for the game they said you can join the Fearleading Squad. Well, in the game I have that never happened. So I don’t know if I missed and event somehow that would have let me do that or it’s in the Wii version. Last but not last, the days aren’t separated. While playing this game I thought everything I was doing was day one since the game starts off with you being the new Ghoul in school. After I did everything I need to do and go to the dance one of the characters stated that a whole year went by. I would have liked it if they would have days or something that you know how long you have been at the school to get a better indication of how much of the game you have to go before you are near the end.

Overall: I love the storyline. I love how the game keeps you entertained with all the missions and class you need to do. So there are no dull moments in the game. The game stays true to the show when it came to the characters and the layout of the school.

The DS game case nest to the protective slip cover
So I hope this review helps you to decide whether or not to buy the game. Or buy the Wii version of the game to see if it is similar or different from what I told you guys about the DS version. Or if you have the DSi you can see if the graphics are better looking.
My character in one of the two permanent outfits you can wear and change to in the game

My character in the other outfit you can wear and change to in the game

My character in the dress for the dance. I think the dresses are different with each monster. I am not sure yet.