Friday, June 3, 2011

Awesome stuff from Tate's comics!

I went to Tate's comics today and got some awesome stuff. Since my b-day is coming up soon I thought of spoiling myself a little. I got myself 3 blind boxes and the Marvel POP Wolverine figure. I also got the Ame Comi Heroine Cheetah mini figure from a friend that she bought for me at Tate’s.

The Wolverine figure is just a bobble head and has no articulation his arms or legs. I had to go through a few of them to find one with a decent paint job. I think he is awesome and adorable even though he doesn’t do much.

I wanted the Ame Comi Heroine Cheetah mini figure ever since I saw her on I wasn’t sure when she would be released because on she was still a pre-order as I recall. So when I walked in to Tate’s today to my surprise she was there. A friend that I was there with offered to buy her for me as an early b-day gift. Cheetah to my surprise when I opened her up, I saw that she had a mouse in her paw behind her back. I never saw any pics of that online. It’s so cute. She comes with a little stand that has no design on it. It was a little hard to get her all the way on the stand. Her paint job is great with minor paint defects.
Sorry for the bad quality pics of her. I was using my iPod to take the pictures.