Sunday, June 19, 2011

Omi Series 1

Munky King had already released Omi Series 1. It’s the first artist series of their new Omi blind-box art collectible series. The production pieces are or can be displayed on the included clear wall stand. With clear wall stand you can display the Omi by hanging it on your wall. It also comes with an extra little stand piece that you can attach it to the clear wall stand so you can have your Omi displayed on your desk or any other flat surface. You can also buy the acrylic board so you can display 9 Omis all at once on your wall. Series 1 features nine artists which consist of Buff Monster, Dave Pressler,Ferg, Frank Kozik, Greg Simkins Luke Chueh, Munky King, Nathan Jurevicius, and Yoskay Yamamoto. There are nine chase pieces which brings the total to 18 different Omis that you can get. Also I found out from watching Toy Break that two Omis can be plugged together to make one full/different figure. I ordered two of them from I hope that I get the ones that I wanted. *crosses fingers*

Omis diplayed on the clear wall stand.
A sample I found on Google of what the Omis would look like displayed on the acrylic wall.