Saturday, December 4, 2010


Glyos (sometimes mistakenly written as "Gylos") are a small toyline of modular, customizable figures sold by a company called O'Nell Design, designed by Matt Doughty. They became very popular on /toy/ early in the summer of 2009, so popular in fact that some people accused fans of the toy line of essentially trying to market the toys there.

Glyos are between 2" and 3" tall, depending on the body type. There are several body types available in a very wide variety of colors, which helps to disguise the fact that there are actually only a few different molds. Glyos are also available sold in sets of random pieces.
The pieces are all customizable and can be attached in a variety of creative ways, making them excellent sources of customization. Some people buy the figures with the express purpose of customizing them.

Some of the basic body and head types are:
  • Pheyden
  • Exellis
  • Buildman
  • Sarvos
  • Phanost
  • Crayboth
If you want to check the Glyos figures out and or buy them go to . Also check out their sister site for different Glyos characters and designs.