Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Pullip Xiao Fan Fashion Doll

Meet Xiao Fan! She is a 12-inch tall Pullip Doll. Her tagline: "China is the last eastern country. There is a modern and attractive town. I hear the sound of Chinese fiddle in the evening... Feel like so." Her accessories: three-quarter-length pants, floral hair accessory, and doll stand.

I bought her a few months ago on She has a type 3 body(Pullips have different body type due to when they are made or change of body type to fit the purpose of the doll). The type 3 body is kind of a pain. The legs are hard to bend and sometimes I am afraid to bend them to far or to hard that it may break. Pullips are fragile collector dolls. There is a mechanism that can open and close their eyes, and look from side to side. The shoes were hell to put on. I hopefully did not break her foot when I put one of them on. I heard a loud crack and I am afraid to take it off to see if it was ok. Overall she is a beautiful doll and expensive, but does not cost as much as a BJD. If you don't have enough cash for a BJD then Pullips are the next best thing and more affordable.