Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Alice Cherry Blossom Qee

The Alice Cherry Blossom Qees from Toy2R are 2.5" tall. They are fantasy character design of "Pig-Artist" Charles Stephen - based on the series of a little Victorian pig doll named Alice Cherry Blossom - produced in a joint-project with Korea's ELFDOLL ball-jointed-doll (BJD) company.

I bought the Alice Cherry Blossom Qee, version No3. Ballerina Alice. She has five parts of articulation, which are her arms and her legs and her head. On mine the right arm is very hard to move. I am not sure if it is just mine or the other versions of Alice are the same way. Either way she is a very cute Qee. And if you like Charles Stephen's dolls and can't affored one then this is the next best thing. They are affortable and cute! The other versions of Alice Cherry Blossom are Gothic Hoodie Alice, Alice Cherry Blossom, School Angel Alice and School Angel Billie.
If you want to check out Charles Stephen's dolls then check out his site at