Friday, December 3, 2010

Information on Pullip

Pullip is a collectable fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of  South Korea in 2003. Pullip has an oversized head on a jointed plastic body, with eyes that can change positions and wink. Pullip was first marketed by Jun Planning of Japan, but since early 2009, it has been marketed by Groove of Korea. Pullip (풀잎) means 'blade of grass/leaf' in Korean. Since the release of the original female doll, other lines of dolls have been added: male companion dolls Namu (나무, tree) and Taeyang (태양, sun), younger sister doll Dal (, moon), and Dal's best friend Byul (, star). There is also a miniature line of Little Pullip and Little Dal. Pullip dolls are often customized. Later releases have wigs that can be replaced and the eye color can easily be changed.

 ( Pullip dolls at a festival)

Customizing: Like the more expensive ball-jointed dolls (BJD), these dolls are easily customizable. Pullip dolls released prior to March 2004 had rooted hair, but the scalp pieces can be swapped with other Pullips. Dolls after this point have wigs, and their hair can be changed more easily.The head and eye mechanism can be taken apart with a simple screw driver. Changes range from minor such as wig or eye-color swapping, to custom dolls of completely new designs. More intensive customization can include re-sculpting of the face or body, and painted or carved tattoos.